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Editor Changes Careers After Automotive Industry Collapse

Growing up in Michigan, it was hard to imagine any industry as strong as the American automotive industry. Ever since I was a little girl, the entire city of Detroit took pride when the Big Three unveiled their new models. Everybody, from waiters to bankers, took part in the local economy that supported and thrived off of this industry. In 2008, General Motors' stock fell to its lowest in sixty-five years. After six years of loyal service to General Motors out of the eleven total I spent in automotive purchasing, I found myself needing a new career.

I had always enjoyed reviewing and editing my friends' papers all through school, and decided to become a freelance editor. When starting my LLC, my first challenge was getting clients. Navigating Google Adwords was a foreign concept, let alone properly marketing myself while not spending $5 per impression. Once I did land a client, it was difficult to meet their demands 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. I was often keeping late nights to stay on deadline for clients who would send work at 5 PM and need it by 6 AM the next day. Other days, I would be stagnant with no jobs coming in.

What I most appreciate about EditorLive.com is that it frees me to just edit. EditorLive's team, headquartered in San Francisco, takes care of everything: the marketing, finding new clients, talking to disgruntled customers over the phone, maintaining and up keeping the website, ensuring payment from clients, etc.; I just have to show up for my designated times and edit the documents sent in by the clients. Every two weeks, EditorLive mails a check for all my completed work. I don't have to hunt down clients for payment. There is no creating, sending, or resending invoices to clients. PayPal does not take a percentage of my hard earned money. It is wonderful to have a stable online environment when the cities in which I grew up are now ghost towns left over from the collapse of the automotive bubble.

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